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Vintage Gretsch Parts

Original used parts list:
We have some original used parts. Pots, switches, knobs, pickups, tuners, tailpieces, cases, etc. These are very limited- please email or call to check availability. Stuff is always coming in!


Pickups/pickup parts
1960's Supertron neck pickup, gold (worn) $349
1960'sHilotron pickup $199
1950/60's pickup surrounds/gold $40 each
1950/60's pickup surrounds/silver $40 each
1970's metal pickup ring, gold $25
1970's Filtertron covers, gold $40 each
1970's pickup mounting bracket/screws/springs $25 per pickup
1950's Dearmond pickup screws $10 each
1950/60's flat head Filtertron mounting screws, chrome $10 each
1950/60's flat head Filtertron mounting screws, gold $20 each
1960's pickup surround screws, chrome, phillips $8 each
1960's pickup surround screws, gold, phillips $12 each
1950/60's Gretsch push in electrical connectors, male or female $17.50 each
1950's tone switch, with capacitors, ring & tip, nickel $65
1950's/60's pickup selector switch $50
1950's output jack, nickel $25
1960's solid shaft pots $30 each
1950/60's shielded gray wire $2.50 per inch


Tuners/tuner parts
1950's chrome Statite, complete $199.95
1960's Grover Imperial "kidney bean" tuners, gold (worn) $295
1960's Gold Van Ghent tuners, complete $269.95
1960's Nickel Van Ghent tuners, complete $199.95
1950's Gretsch 3 on a plate tuners, white plastic buttons $65
1950/60's Gretsch "hex-head" tuner bushings, nickel, or chrome $10 each
1960's round "Van Ghent" tuner bushings, nickel $12 each
1950/60's tuning machine mounting screws, phillips, nickel $5 each


Knobs and strap buttons
1950's chrome G arrow knobs $50 each
1950's arrow only knobs, chrome $100 each

1960's "G" knobs, nickel $50 each
1960's "G" knobs, gold $60 each
1960's (late) "G" knobs, silver, with topface bevel/indent $35 each
1960's (late) "G" knobs, gold, with topface bevel/indent $35 each
1970's "G" knobs, gold $18 each
1960's (late) Rounded head chrome strap buttons $17.50 each
1950's chrome strap knobs $25 each


Pickguards/pickguard parts
NOS 1960's Gretsch hollowbody pickguard blank, unnotched and undrilled, clear with Gretsch logo $100
1955 Gretsch hollowbody bracket kit, nickel $95
1960's hollowbody bracket kit $75
1960's hollowbody pickguard bracket, gold, all mounting hardware included $95
50's/60's pickguard bracket top screw, nickel $8 each, nut for screw $5
50's/60's pickguard upper (by fingerboard) mounting screw, nickel $12
50's/60's pickguard side bracket screw, nickel $5
1950's felt pickguard spacers $15

1950's Duo Jet rear cover plates $200


Bridges/tailpieces/Bigsby and parts
1960's Space Control bridge, chrome, includes base $240
1960's gold tuning fork bridge $259
1960's Space Control bridge, gold, includes base $250
1955 long "G" tailpiece, chrome $150
1955 Duo Jet "G" tailpiece, chrome $250
1960's long "G" tailpiece, chrome $100
1950's tailpiece mounting screws, nickel $10 each
1990's gold "G" tailpiece for solidbody $95
1960's Gretsch "V" Bigsby B6, gold, new arm $200
1960's Gretsch "V" Bigsby B6 $200


Miscellaneous parts
1958/1959 6120 trussrod cover $100
1950's Gretsch Anniversary headstock plate, w/ nails $100
1960's Gretsch Viking headstock plate, w/ nails $95
1960's trussrod cover $50
1967 long (2 7/8") trussrod cover $50
1960's Chet Atkins Tennessean headstock plate, with nails $125
1960's Gretsch 6120 backplate $150
1960 backpad snap (attaches to guitar back) $5 each
1960's truss cover screws, chrome, phillips $6 each
1960's Gretsch backpad, large (Country Gent/17") $95
1960's Gretsch single mute $75


Vintage Gretsch cases
1960's gray speckle case, 6120 size $195
1950's/60's gray White Falcon case, (full depth single cutaway models) $495
1950's gray 6120 case, great shape $395
1960's (late 60's/early 70's) White Falcon/Country Gentleman case (thinner double cutaway models); black exterior, blue interior, brass Brooklyn/Chicago Gretsch logo $195